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M3 Home Preface


“Learning becomes meaningful if we understand it. Science becomes useful if we apply it”. The demand of this era of globalization makes the cost of education and learning very high, but this pressure does not reduce the enthusiasm of the younger generation to strive for the knowledge of science. It had been proven simply by looking at the increasing number of students in the science field globally.

After observing, experiencing and analysing this, we established Yapindo Jaya Abadi.Ltd which aims to develop and provide more affordable, effective, and efficient learning tools. After many years of hard work, Yapindo Jaya Abadi.Ltd successfully created Micron Medical Multimedia (M3) in 2005. It is an instructional media of medical science based on ICT (Information and Communication Technology). M3 dramatically changed the concept of paper use into paperless. It was also received very well by the community because it is easily understood, attractive, and economical.


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